About Me

Vancouver, BC, Canada
I'm 27 years old, I'm from Mexico and I'm an Accountant. I own an environmental company in Mexico and I really like to work there. I will stay in Vancouver until September 9th this year. I chose Vancouver because a lot of people told me it was a very nice city... And it is! And I read that Vancouver has one of the best lifestyles in the world.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


One day I called my friend, and I asked whether or not she wanted to go out for dinner. She said yes. So I told her that I was going to pick her up and that I would call her on my way. I got dressed, and I straightened my hair. Then I took my car and I started driving. Then I decided to call her at the exact moment that I was crossing the "John Paul Street", a very IMPORTANT street in my city (everybody knows this street), so I phoned her and told her: "I'm just passing John Paul", and I don't know what she was thinking because she told me: Who? John Paul? Who's that? Why did you invite him? And then her brother, who was also listening, said: STUPID! JOHN PAUL THE STREET!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Review of "The Lake House"

The Lake House, which stars Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, is a love story. It is a very sweet and romantic movie, almost a romantic fairy tale. I like this kind of movies and I know men especially hate them...

This movie is about a woman that lives in a lovely lake house, which is the reason of the movie name. This woman starts exchanging love letters with a man, but suddenly they find out that they are living 2 years apart... So they try to meet eachother in the future.

I like almost any movie that features Sandra Bullock, specially if they're love stories. And I like the way that Sandra and Keanu act together... It had been a long time since they were together in a movie. They have a real chemistry together. The acting is very nice, very real, they really seem to be in love.

In some parts of this movie you can get confused because, as I said, they are 2 years apart, so Sandra is in 2006 and Keanu is in 2004... And there are some scenes in which you don't know if it is her or his year... But anyway, this is a great movie. And of course, you can't never know how the letters come to their mail boxes in different years... it's a mistery.

I know this kind of movies are so unreal, but if you suspend logic for an hour or two and believe in the magic of the story, it will take you into a deeply passionate story.

If you are a romantic person, I recommend to watch this movie.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm the type of person who...

...likes to read a lot.
...enjoys taking a nap.
...likes to talk a lot.
...likes to go to the gym.
...would like to know a lot of places all over the world.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A strange encounter I've had in Vancouver

A few weeks ago I went to the gym and got into the lady's fitting room and I saw a very big and strong man with the beard and the look and clothes like those men that drive the Harley Davidson.

I wanted to tell him that he was on the wrong room, but I was shy. Then I thought that I had to tell him, and I did it, I told him: "I'm sorry Sir, this is the lady's room" and he said: "yes I know". I said: "Ok but I want to change my clothes" and he said: "yes, go ahead". And then he was kind of mad at me and told me: "I'm a woman too, it's just that I don't shave and I don't wear make up and I thought that I must have been rude, so I apologyzed to him. And I thought that he must have been gay.

He left the room and another woman who heard everything told me: "He is a woman", and I thought that she must have been crazy, but she told me: "He got surgery, now he is a woman".

It was very strange and I felt uncomfortable.........

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Advice for living and studying in Vancouver


First of all, you have to bring enough warm clothes especially if you are from a hot country... Vancouver is very cold.

You must carry an umbrella everyday because it rains a lot, and also you should have a waterproof jacket.

You should buy the monthly pass for the bus and the skytrain because it will be cheaper than paying for them everyday... You will save about 150 dollars a month or even more.

You might go to every activity in your school because it will be fun and you can get to know a lot of people...

If you want to go shopping, you can go to Metrotown, a very big mall, it's really nice and you can find everything at different prices.

You should take vitamin D, because someone told me that here in Vancouver you don't get so much sun and you need it... And because of the weather sometimes you become a little depressed, sad, tired, etc...

I highly recomend to go to Stanley Park and rent a bike or a roller blading, it is really fun.

And you should try the food, in Vancouver there are a lot of restaurants from different countries, you have a big variety!